How to clean and maintain wholesale cooking supplies ?

Cleaning wholesale cooking supplies rust spot method 2 Steps

1. After the potato has washed away the surface dust, wipe it off and cut it open. 2. Take the cut potato and let the cut side be covered with salt. Rub it back to the place where the rust spots on the pot surface. Rust removal, and finally rinse with water can be. Tip: A little baking soda can be added for better rust removal. Note that this method is not suitable for non-stick pans. How to clean and care for common wholesale cooking utensils The How to clean and maintain wholesale copper cookware How to deal with raw cookware sets before they are used for the first time Iron scraps or impurities remain in the process of making the iron pan. Therefore, before using the iron pan for the first time, it can be poured into 1/3 high clean water and wholesale cookware sets boiled over medium heat. Repeat this action 1-2 times to remove residues such as chemicals. net.

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