How to remove water stains on wholesale cooking utensils ?

If you don't wipe dry wholesale cooking supplies immediately after cleaning, you will get rust spots after putting it in for a long time, and there will be water stains. After a long time, it will be difficult to remove. You can use natural materials to help remove water stains on wholesale cooking pots. Remove water stains on wholesale cookware sets 1 Steps The 1. After the lemon is cut in half and squeezed out, pour the lemon juice into the pot with the water spot. The 2, with a brush or sponge to wash the pot directly, wholesale cooking supplies and finally wash with water and then dry. The Tip: Be sure to dry after cleaning, otherwise water stains will appear after drying. The Remove the water on the cookware method 2 Steps The 1. Peel the potatoes and peel them. Put the potato wholesale cooking utensils skins in a pot filled with water. Boil the water in medium heat and turn off the heat. The 2. When the water is left to cool until it is warm, use a brush or vegetable cloth to wash the pan. The Tip: This method is also suitable for removing tea stains from teapots or teacups. The Pot with rust how to clean After a long time, the pot will produce rust spots due to oxidation, and the rust spots can be helped in the following natural ways. The Cleaning pot rust spot method 1 Steps The 1, take the onion, cut open, take a cut onion, so that the cut surface covered with salt. The 2, and then use the salt and pepper onions on the pot surface rust spot wipe back and forth to remove rust, and finally rinse with water can be.

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