How to prevent the bottom of wholesale stainless steel cookware

Wholesale stainless steel pan heat transfer, suitable for frying food. What precautions do you have when using stainless steel pans? Wholesale stainless steel pot need to use vinegar pot The newly purchased wholesale pots and pans set must first be boiled in vinegar, then boiled once with oil, and then thoroughly washed before use. Normally, only the surface of the stainless steel pan wholesale stainless steel cookware can be washed with a soft cloth, and it cannot be brushed with a wire. When a novice uses a stainless steel pot, the bottoming condition often occurs. How to avoid stainless steel pot bottom? Anti-stainless steel pot with the bottom of the point To prevent (wholesale serving ware) from sticking to the bottom, the key is to make the pan hot and then add oil to boil. What needs to be reminded is that putting the hand on the pan to sense the temperature is only applicable to chefs or seasoned veterans, and the novice is not suitable. The Stainless steel cooking pots, manufacturers will recommend heating for 3 minutes before adding the material to cook, this is the so-called three-minute timing method. You can also use a little water to test the temperature of the stainless steel pan. Add half a tablespoon of water to the pan. The relationship between the state of the water and the temperature of the pan surface is: When the pan is not hot enough, the water will immediately spread out.

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